Teatro Colon 2011

Teatro Colon 2011
By CrewMantle | Published: October 19, 2010
COMMANDOpera has received an inordinate quantity of global mail from individuals who are heading to Buenos Aires in 2011 and wish to attend an evening at the Teatro Colon. COMMANDOpera will apprise readers of some facts. The Teatro Colon runs each season through a calendar year which does not overlap into the next year. Currently, the theatre is running the 2010 season as opposed to the 2010/2011 season known in most other parts. Ergo, the Colon has not yet released the 2011 season to the public, however when that authority is given, COMMANDOpera will do a complete and extensive listing on the 2011 season in full.

Although COMMANDOpera is closely connected to many theatres globally, the relationship with the Teatro Colon has been sketchy: it really does revolve around who picks up the phone at that moment, or if they do. Factor in the Colon is also undergoing extensive renovations at this time, which apparently must be affecting the otherwise good nature of those who are employed at the theatre. Further, COMMANDOpera is well aware the current and temporary website is offered only in Spanish with translation in no other language. This venue wishes readers to understand this is a factor of virtually all South American theatres: the websites are offered only in Spanish or Portuguese. Such realities are not something of concern, as COMMANDOpera notes European theatres offered English translations across the board only as of last year. Eventually as COMMANDOpera continues to give South American theatres a global face, they will be obliged to offer English for the wider global audience who wish to attend their theatres.
Teatro Colon 2011

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