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NOTA DEL BLOG: La transparencia no llega a los informes sobre el presupuesto del teatro ni sobre el alquiler de las salas. Solo se informa sobre la temporada actual, las temporadas desde 2010 (no hay nada sobre las temporadas históricas) y los asistentes a visitas guiadas (Turismo).

Buenos Aires Data
Iniciativa de datos públicos y transparencia de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
08/06/15 api

Teatro Colón: Programación Actual
Registro con links al Calendario de la programación del año corriente.
31/03/16 csv ics pdf
Ballet Cultura Danza Entretenimiento Música Teatro Ópera

Teatro Colón: Programación Histórica
Programación histórica del Teatro Colón desde el año 2010.
31/03/16 csv pdf
Ballet Conciertos Cultura Entretenimiento Teatro Ópera

Teatro Colón: Visitas Guiadas
Asistente a visitas guiadas al Teatro Colón desde 2011.
31/03/16 csv pdf
Ballet CETC Cultura Entretenimiento Música Teatro Ópera

Búsqueda –  Buenos Aires Data

New York’s Metropolitan Opera Opens Its Budget Curtain – WSJ

Wall Street Journal
NY Culture
New York’s Metropolitan Opera Opens Its Budget Curtain
Questions Raised About How the Opera Spends its Money as It Seeks Labor-Cost Savings
Jennifer Maloney
As the Metropolitan Opera seeks labor-cost savings in difficult contract talks, a broader discussion has emerged about how it spends its money. While Met officials argue that they must cut labor costs as revenue plateaus, union leaders say the opera company should rein in spending on costly new productions.
Take, for example, the $169,000 poppy field used in this season’s $4.3 million production of “Prince Igor.”
How does a flower patch cost $169,000? To explain, the Met pulled back the curtain on the five-year process of developing and budgeting “Prince Igor.” A sweeping Russian drama composed by Alexander Borodin, the Met’s “Prince Igor” runs more than four hours and employs a cast of over 200. In 2009, when the Met was planning its 2013-14 season, it budgeted $3.8 million for the production.

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